TerraPay, a global payments infrastructure provider, has selected Sentinels to advance their transaction monitoring and screening capabilities.

August 4, 2021 1 minute read

TerraPay Partners With Sentinels for Full-stack Transaction Monitoring Services

TerraPay, a global payments infrastructure provider, has selected Sentinels to advance their transaction monitoring and screening capabilities.
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Amsterdam/Groningen, 4 August 2021 – Sentinels will enhance TerraPay’s current compliance processes with transaction monitoring and filtering empowered by pragmatic AI. Modular by design, the Sentinels platform allows TerraPay to customize it to their business needs. TerraPay has become Sentinels’ first partner offering B2B payments and remittance services.

TerraPay has established itself as a global partner to leading banks, money transfer operators, mobile wallet operators and financial institutions to facilitate digital transactions without borders. As a B2B company, TerraPay deploys solutions which allow its clients to improve their customer proposition for remittances, payments, and cross-border spends, through its agile, secure, and scalable platform. TerraPay adheres to complex compliance standards, being regulated in over 15 countries around the world.

"Sentinels has experienced great momentum this year by signing large international customers, and raising €5.7 million in seed funding. Our partnerships with marketplace PSPs helped us to prepare for more complex cross-border transaction monitoring. We are now ready to take Sentinels even further by partnering with TerraPay to support the unique needs of global payment providers.” - Joost van Houten, the CEO of Sentinels

“TerraPay’s vision is financial inclusion at-scale – that is, to build a global payments highway on which all transactions, regardless of ticket-size, are processed with world- class compliance standards, speed and transparency. Sentinels’ scalable AML solution supports PEP and sanctions screening, while delivering innovative transaction monitoring capabilities, furthering our mission of scale and efficiency. Our partnership with Sentinels signals our commitment to harnessing the power of machine learning and AI." - Akbar Hussain, Co-founder, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, TerraPay

About TerraPay:

TerraPay is a licenced digital payments infrastructure and solutions provider, paving the global payments highway. The company's robust foundation and cutting-edge technology serves as the digital interoperability engine, enabling customers and businesses globally to effect payments in a secure, transparent, efficient and real-time basis. The agile network supports diverse payment instruments and types of payments, while adhering to complex regulations and compliance standards in different markets.

For more information visit: www.terrapay.com

About Sentinels:

Sentinels is an intelligent transaction monitoring solution dedicated to data-driven compliance for the financial industry. With a strong core engineering team having over a decade of experience developing innovative products, Sentinels’ pragmatic-AI approach has a proven track record in improving compliance outcomes. Its secure cloud-based offering ensures a high level of customer trust and meets dynamic regulatory requirements.


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