AML Compliance

Sentinels delivers AML compliance through flexible transaction monitoring and sanctions screening capabilities, delivering compliance tailored to your business needs.  


Sentinels AML

An increasingly stringent regulatory landscape, coupled with the evolving diversity of financial institutions, products and technologies, means the threat of financial crime is ever-increasing.

Financial institutions need to be able to monitor customers’ behaviours, effectively and efficiently, for potentially suspicious activity and manage their risk profiles in real-time. 

Sentinels AML software suite provides a comprehensive approach to ongoing customer monitoring, combining transaction monitoring and sanctions screening to facilitate real-time detection of legitimately suspicious activity, while reducing false positives.  

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Transaction Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and detection of suspicious activity using a powerful hybrid detection engine and network analysis, supported by machine learning. 


Sanctions Screening

An API-first AML and sanctions screening solution for transaction and entity screening, supported by intuitive case management  

About Sentinels

Detect money laundering activity in real time.

Every year, over $2 trillion is laundered - yet, only 1% of that amount gets seized. At Sentinels, we work hard in developing better ways to detect money laundering and make the world a safer place.

Customize your monitoring with


Risk-based transaction monitoring rules loaded with predefined and customizable scenarios, easily adaptable to your context.
Reduce workload by


Use our optimized workflows and case management to spend less time on reporting and more time on detection.
Decrease false positives by


Combine monitoring rules with machine learning and network analysis to make more accurate decisions.

Deploy at speed and stay in control

Using a no-code business rules editor compliance teams can iterate transaction thresholds in a sandbox environment, generate backtesting reports in real-time and go live with adjusted rules without using any developer time.

Get the full picture

Make truly informed decisions with client-level analysis. Use rich client profiles, backed by internal and external data sources and insights from our engine to increase handling speed and decision quality.

Immutable audit trails
Instant SAR capabilities
Rules engine with machine learning
Rich client profiles
Real-time monitoring
Immutable audit trails
Instant SAR capabilities
Rules engine with machine learning
Rich client profiles

Reduce manual workload

Automate repetitive tasks with efficient case management tools that let you collaborate using configurable workflows.

Analyze and improve

Gain insight into your team performance with a comprehensive dashboard. Use export and query tools to delve further into the data and continually improve risk operations and team performance.


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