Reduce Risk for Neobanks

Neobanks and other fintechs are meant to be focused on scaling efficiently, make compliance an asset when growing your business by integrating it properly into your product from the beginning using Sentinels. 


Break the compliance bottleneck 

Take advantage of intelligent detection scenarios that remove the blockers from nascent hypergrowth and provides your team with the customer insights you need in real-time to truly understand client needs.

Make compliance a tool for greater adoption by integrating KYC and transaction monitoring data for a clear picture of how your clients transact.


Find signal in the noise

False positives are a huge drain on any investigation speed and stops your teams from focusing on what matters most.

Identify truly suspicious activity and sanctioned entities in real-time to block transactions where necessary using event-driven workflows.


API integration made simple

Connect compliance with your codebase using separate APIs for transaction and entity information.

Use public API connections supported by modern Open
ID authentication standards.

Meet compliance demands using technology that understands your risk-based approach to compliance and can adapt to whatever granular data you need to send.

Customer Stories

We firmly believe that AI and machine learning will change the game in digital banking, and Sentinels is already confirming this belief.
Sergio Cerro
CEO, Rebellion Pay
Take your AML even further

Neobanks and fintechs need to future-proof their compliance

Take advantage of end-to-end AML compliance using Sentinels and Fenergo.

About Sentinels

Reduce your compliance costs and detect risk faster.

Every year, over $2 trillion is laundered - yet, only 1% of that amount gets seized. At Sentinels, we work hard in developing better ways to detect money laundering and make the world a safer place.

Customize your monitoring with


Risk-based transaction monitoring rules loaded with predefined and customizable scenarios, easily adaptable to your context.
Reduce workload by


Use our optimized workflows and case management to spend less time on reporting and more time on detection.
Decrease false positives by


Combine monitoring rules with machine learning and network analysis to make more accurate decisions.

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