Crypto transaction monitoring that matters

Crypto companies are under more intense scrutiny than ever before from both local and international regulators. Sentinels give crypto companies the tools they need to satisfy regulators and operate at speed. 

The transaction monitoring solution for crypto companies

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Fast SAR filling

Simple and fast SAR filing

Sentinels provides payment processors with rich client profiles that show you information on your clients beyond their experience with one business. See all their transactions with every business in one place.

Customer insights from new markets

Enable new business and enter new markets

Remove the blockers to your business by implementing the Sentinels transaction monitoring system that gives you real customer insights and adapts in real-time. Move at the speed of your strategy rather than working to regulatory timetables.

Easy API integration

APIs designed for your business

Connect to a platform designed to integrate with your codebase. Engage with an API that understands your risk-based approach and can adapt to whatever data you need to send. Submit information as granular as entity relationships, related payment options, and ultimate beneficial ownership.

Enjoy a better AML experience

Easy integration
Immutable audit trails
Rich client profiles
No-code rules editing
Instant SAR capabilities
Real-time monitoring
Over 150 transaction monitoring rules
Rules engine with machine-learning
Cross-institutional data sharing

We firmly believe that AI and machine learning will change the game in digital banking, and Sentinels is already confirming this belief.

Sergio Cerro 
CEO, Rebellion Pay

Stronger AML defences for crypto purchases

Rebellion Pay chose Sentinels to enhance and streamline its AML compliance monitoring and risk profiling functions. Now Rebellion Pay can generate comprehensive views of the transaction environments across its full range of payment services including cryptocurrency investment. 

Discover our solutions

Provide your compliance team with all the information they need to close out cases at speed  
Insightful transaction monitoring rules with machine learning that understands your threat profile.  
Locate sanctioned entities, identify Politically PEPs, and remove RCAs using Sentinels.   

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