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On a mission to end financial crime

Working together is vital to the fight against financial crime so we’re creating the world’s first cross-institutional knowledge sharing database.

Who we are

Sentinels was founded in 2019 by Joost van Houten and Arryon Tijsma to solve the problems in transaction monitoring solutions across the globe. Since then, we have expanded significantly, creating a group of dedicated compliance professionals focused on ending financial crime around the world. Our team is the driving force behind the AML and transaction monitoring software regtech revolution.

Strong financial backing

In April 2022, Sentinels was acquired by Fenergo, the leading provider of Customer Lifecycle Management technology solutions for financial institutions. The acquisition enables Sentinels to scale rapidly, increase our global footprint, and strengthen our ability to serve the needs of larger financial institutions.

Joost van Houten

CEO & Founder

Arryon Tijsma

Head of AI & Co-founder

Ibrahim En-Nali


Stefanie Janssen

Head of Customer Success

Friso Paping

Head of Growth

Charlotte Modderkolk

Head of People & Culture

Our vision

We’re dedicated to creating and developing an out-of-the-box solution to transaction monitoring and fraud compliance for all businesses. Sentinels delivers the compliance software that companies need to not only reduce exposure to regulatory hardship but also map out financial crime networks so they can see the proceeds of crime attempting to touch their business before it even happens. Sentinels aims to eliminate unrecognizable proceeds of crime as a concept.

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Sentinels in the press

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Sentinels to enhance TerraPay’s current compliance with pragmatic AI for transaction monitoring.
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