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We build transaction monitoring and client surveillance tools to empower compliance experts

Sentinels optimizes your existing anti-money laundering and transaction monitoring processes at the root by generating real-time actionable client insights. Your risk and compliance teams get a streamlined workflow that allows you to make efficient and confident decisions.

Sentinels unlocks internal data siloes and adds external sources via simple APIs. These data points feed the insights engine, which uses granular rules and machine learning models to create a clear picture of a client’s current and historic behaviour, a network of relationships and a comparison to its peers.

Based on the client’s positive and negative signals Sentinels’ engine generates recommended next steps. That means you can immediately focus on acting, rather than spending time on manual queries and investigations. Sentinels captures your teams’ analysis, and uses it to continously improve money laundering detection and your compliance workload.

There’s hope: new technologies supported by trusted AI offer the promise to effectively catch criminals

As financial crimes become more sophisticated, so should your technology. By applying constantly evolving custom analytics to large volumes of data, we can ensure that those on the front line have the right information for accurate and fast decision-making.

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Sentinels was built for innovative financial institutions

Sentinels understands that no fintech is the same. The complexity behind anti-money laundering processes and regulations depends on the obtained license, jurisdictions, volumes and growth, business models, type of customers and more.

Sentinels is a modular platform that improves and gets more sophisticated with each new transaction it processes. We work with various financial institutions including payment service providers, remittance companies, as well as (challenger) banks and e-money institutions.

Our partnership with Sentinels has made them an extension of our team. They help us in meeting regulatory needs and have vastly improved our risk management.
Rick Calis

Rick Calis

Head of Compliance, Mollie


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We are ISO certified

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Fighting financial crime with a differentiating approach


Remain compliant and operate securely

We are ISO 27001 certified. Rich portfolio of strict regulatory approvals of our clients.


Launch fast with no overheads

1< month launch. Ongoing engineering support. Simple and transparent pricing.


Improved money laundering detection

Less and more accurate alerts. Confident compliance decisions based on rich client behavioural profiles. Future-proof solution leveraging machine learning.


Streamlined compliance workload

Less manual work. Reduced operational costs. Easy and fast reporting (low-click reporting).

Built by a team with a proven track record in applied AI & compliance

We are a team of engineers, armed with a wealth of technical knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. From leading industry experts in payments and compliance to PhDs in machine learning our team is powering force behind the AML, and transaction monitoring software revolution.

MGI survey

"Lack of talent with appropriate skill sets for AI work" is a major barier for AI adoption by 30% of financial services institutions in Europe

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