After closing the momentous year of 2021, we at Sentinels thought it would be nice to recap how we grew as a company this past year.

January 31, 2022 1 minute read

Sentinels Team: Facts and Figures

After closing the momentous year of 2021, we at Sentinels thought it would be nice to recap how we grew as a company this past year.

Besides, who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned data and a chance to take a peek at some of the things that makes our team diverse?

31 New Financial Crime Fighters in 2021

Throughout the ups and lockdowns of 2021, we managed grow our company with 31 new faces this year! Funnily enough, we hired our youngest (20) and our oldest (51) employees yet at the same time, expanding our age range from 22 years to 31!

Sentinels Vacancies

In November, we had our biggest onboarding group ever with 11 new starters (that’s more than a third of the people we hired in the whole year)! A part of this batch became our new People & Culture department. With their help, we hope to continue our growth in 2022, and work towards our goal of becoming an irresistible organization.


The OGs: 11 Team Members Who’ve Been Around Since the Beginning

While we celebrate the wonderful new 🐝s (newbies) who joined us this past year, let’s also give kudos to the ones who helped start it all. In 2019, Sentinels launched, and 11 of our current employees were with us since our very first year. These include Arryon, Erik, Maikel, Marcel, Noël, Pim, Steffen, Steven, and Thomas from our Engineering Team; Friso, our Operations Lead; and Joost, our CEO. From signing our first deal with Mollie, multiple office moves in Amsterdam and Groningen, and countless lines of code they’ve stuck with us through all of Sentinels’ ups and downs.

Six more of us joined in 2020, and the rest hopped on the Sentinels train in 2021 and beyond. We are aiming to hire 60+ more Financial Crime Fighters in 2022, and you might even see us opening an office in a city near you. 😉

Slicing up the pie

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and see what makes Sentinels tick. Typically, companies like us are comprised with the largest portion of people being in Sales (Commercial). We’re different. The biggest slice of our pie is for our engineers, who build and maintain our product. Our smaller team of commercial members are able to carefully select and connect with our customers, thus resulting in the strong relationships we have with them.

As we continue to grow, departments such as Customer Success and Operations are bound to grow in their share of the pie, to proportionally support our growing list of international clients from banks to payment companies. Are you a superstar in Customer Success and want to join the growing team? Check out our open vacancies here.


Around the World and Back Again

Slowly but surely, we’re coloring in our world map with more and more nationalities. As of right now, we are 22 nationalities strong, and have at least one person from every continent, except for Australia / Oceania and Antarctica. Perhaps we will find a Kiwi and a Penguin to join our flock sometime soon, who knows? At this rate, Sentinels will be able to represent the United Nations in no time.


The Future is Female

As of right now, Sentinels is comprised of 28% females. This is nowhere near what we would like this statistic to be, and honestly speaking, we need to step up our game. We Treasure our Differences is one of our core values, and we believe that our varied nationalities, backgrounds and perspectives spark discussion and lead to better results. Sentinels is committed to attracting, hiring, and retaining more women in the company in the upcoming year.

Sentinels Vacancies

Up Next…

More more more! Sentinels is growing and expanding, keeping in line with our 3x growth, we are committed to diversifying our workplace and making it an even more inclusive environment. We especially want to hire more women in our tech roles in 2022, and add a few more pins in our map of the world.

Are you interested in helping us grow the team, expand our client portfolio and/or build the best experience for users? We are hiring for all teams and have roles across engineering, product, go-to-market, talent acquisition, and customer success to name a few. Wander over to our openings to find out more.

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