Risk-Based Detection, New Rules and Customer Profile Updates

By 2 minute read

Sentinels releases new features to help you adhere to the highest level of the maturity level described by the Dutch National Bank.

This release includes the following advancements:

1. Risk-based detection for increased control and flexibility

  • The improvements to the detection engine allow for more flexibility in monitoring entities (i.e., merchants) differently based on their specific risk classification.
  • With rule parameter adaptations, you can now define tighter thresholds for high-risk customers, and allow higher thresholds for low-risk ones.
  • Our advances in rule-based detection have proven to effectively decrease the FP rate while still ensuring you do not miss a single TP. Total alerts per month decreased by about 38% on this specific rule.

2. 17 new business rules added to the Sentinels library

  • These 17 new business rules will help you cover a wider range of risks, including rules for covering corruption and rules that scan for the use of TOR exit nodes (based on IP address).
  • Based on initial testing results, these added rules have a combined TPR of around 25%.

3. Customer profile page updates for better detection of unusual behaviour

The customer profile page now displays key account statistics, allowing you to compare your customer’ behaviour to their peers, as well as to the expected behaviour for this customer. These changes will improve your ability to detect unusual transaction patterns and to better detect unusual transaction patterns.

Additional updates:

  • Redesigned customer profile page.
  • Improved loading speed of case list.
  • New vertical menu.

To sum up

Sentinels advances its risk-based approach by improving its detection engine capabilities and adding even more business rules to the library, while continuing to improve user experience through best-in-class UX/UI. This update will allow you to not only be compliant with the latest regulator's requirements but also manage risk assessments more quickly and efficiently.

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