Estimated 25 Minutes Decrease on Alerts Handling and Smoother, More Reactive Navigation

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Investigator-centric product first. Sentinels conducts regular user-satisfaction research to improve the current state of the platform. With this short release, we want to introduce you to the new major updates that have already shown measurable results in a test environment.

This release includes the following advancements:

Extra flexibility and performance improvements

  • Increased speed and flexibility within the whole platform resulted in increased productivity with your case management. You will notice that the platform is more interactive and responsive.
  • Streamlined risk assessment and investigation with the clean dashboard and one-click FIU reporting.

Workflow adjustments

  • Smooth navigation accelerating your AML and transaction monitoring efforts.
  • 25 minutes decrease on alerts handling per day.
  • Low-friction user experience with accessible data assuring the right conclusion and decision-making process.
  • Faster case management with a minimum number of clicks and an uncluttered preview.

To sum up

These developments focused on enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of the Sentinels platform. We also reorganised the user interface according to the customer's feedback to ensure high usability.

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