Global instant payments provider, Transactive chooses Sentinels to upgrade their compliance efforts.

June 27, 2021 1 minute read

Transactive Boosts Internal AML Transaction Monitoring Platform With AI-Powered Sentinels

Global instant payments provider, Transactive chooses Sentinels to upgrade their compliance efforts.

Amsterdam, 28 June 2021 - Transactive is one of the leading fintechs adopting the open banking initiative. It provides businesses access to digital banking services via its B2B2C payments platform. The Transactive platform allows businesses to offer payment services to their customers directly. With their licenses in both the UK and Lithuania they can offer instant payments services worldwide.

"We are proud to partner with Transactive. It's amazing to see that such an innovative and fast-growing fintech recognizes the value we can bring. We are also extremely excited to partner with a provider that has such a wide global network. Transactive, welcome on board!" - Joost van Houten, CEO of Sentinels.

The constantly changing and more diligent regulatory requirements was the main incentive for Transactive to look for an AML transaction monitoring platform that could meet their business needs. Because of their digital-first approach (the open API and fully digital setup), they were looking for a partner that is focused on innovation and has introduced a solution that would meet their business needs both today and into the future.

"Although we have developed a strong in-house AML solution, we chose to look for an external partner to enhance our existing processes rather than replace them. One of the examples here is the risk detection capabilities that Sentinels brings. We’ve experienced Sentinels’ commitment towards improving AML compliance and realised they have what it takes to support our long-term growth plans. Sentinels' flexibility and the innovation-first mentality were the strongest factors why we chose to work with them." – Daniel Edwards, the CEO of Transactive

About Transactive

Transactive is leading the way in the open banking revolution by helping businesses access better banking services via its B2B2C payments platform which empowers businesses to offer payment services to customers directly. The company’s primary software solution, Seymour, is a robust payment hub that interfaces with a virtually infinite number of local systems, so that business can send and receive payment over multiple channels, in multiple currencies, and in multiple languages using one universal format. For more information visit:

About Sentinels

Sentinels is an intelligent transaction monitoring solution dedicated to data-driven compliance for the financial industry. With a strong core engineering team having over a decade of experience developing innovative products, Sentinels’ pragmatic-AI approach has a proven track record in improving compliance outcomes. Its secure cloud-based offering ensures a high level of customer trust and meets constantly changing regulatory requirements. For more information visit:

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