Ginger partners with Sentinels to advance transaction monitoring, reduce overall workload, and fight financial crime.

June 23, 2020 1 minute read

Ginger and Slimmer AI Launch Partnership to Advance Transaction Monitoring with AI

Ginger partners with Sentinels to advance transaction monitoring, reduce overall workload, and fight financial crime.
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Ginger and Slimmer AI launch their strategic partnership to advance the use of AI in transaction monitoring. With its leading-edge Payments as a Service platform used by global financial institutions, Ginger monitors millions of transactions for its clients.

“Ginger has been growing quickly following the strong increase in eCommerce transactions, and banks subsequently seeking to dramatically improve their online payment capabilities and competitiveness. In order to fully support our clients who have a regulatory obligation to monitor financial transactions, we have chosen to partner with Slimmer AI’s Sentinels (the AML product). We believe in integrating cutting-edge technology into our world class online payment platform, of which fighting financial crime through advanced transaction monitoring is essential”, notes Tom van Wees, CCO of Ginger.

With millions worth of transactions flowing through Ginger’s PaaS platform yearly, the volume and quality of the data calls for innovative AI possibilities. Using Ginger’s wealth of data to apply AI to smart alert generation, network analysis, and investigations, opens many doors to provide true value for financial institutions.

“Slimmer AI launched Sentinels because we knew that the current rules-based AML software solutions were missing the mark. The false positive rates are too high, and financial institutions simply cannot keep up with the ever-changing regulations and staffing needs. We got into this space because we believe people powered AI is the answer" added Joost van Houten, business owner of Sentinels.

About Ginger

Ginger, founded in 2014 by a group of payment experts, is a fast-growing Payments as a Service (PaaS) company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ginger’s unique and modular payment platform empowers global banks and FI’s to offer local online payment solutions to their merchants worldwide. Ginger offers cutting-edge technology for an end-to-end omnichannel experience in a robust and flexible whitelabel solution. The platform is trusted by leading companies such as ING Bank, Kabbage, Mastercard, and Payconiq.

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About Slimmer AI

Slimmer AI has a rich history in making the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible in the daily work of people-driven companies. Together with their team of 30+ AI software developers, Slimmer AI’s Sentinels combines a best-in-class user-centric design with cutting-edge AI techniques to fight financial crimes.

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