The scalable offering of Slimmer AI fits Digiteal’s ambition to expand into Europe

September 17, 2020 1 minute read

Digiteal Underlines Their Strategic Focus on Compliance by Partnering with Slimmer AI’s Sentinels

The scalable offering of Slimmer AI fits Digiteal’s ambition to expand into Europe
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Digiteal, a leading provider of invoice management and secure payments solutions, has selected Slimmer AI to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning in their compliance approach. Complying with evolving local and international regulations has become complex over the last years. Sentinels, the innovative anti-money laundering software of Slimmer AI, offers Digiteal the right solution for this moment but also ensures Digiteals’ compliance approach is both future-proof and scalable.

Ever since the first contacts with National Bank of Belgium (NBB) in 2017, Digiteal has made compliance the strategic focus of their business. Being a technology-driven company, Digiteal foresees the future of compliance with technological innovations playing a major role. For that reason, Digiteal decided to add the AI-driven transaction monitoring software of Sentinels to their existing compliance process and procedures.

Cédric Nève, CEO of Digiteal: “By adding AI to our existing compliance approach we underline once more the strategic role of compliance within our company. Working with Sentinels enables us to proactively identify suspicious transactions, thus being compliant in a much more efficient way. Moreover, we can ensure our customers safe and trusted money transactions. Doing this in the smartest possible way allows us to safeguard against risk, and to still maximize our international growth ambitions.”

In 2017 Digiteal was selected by the European Union to accelerate the deployment of their concept into new regions. Since that time, Digiteal has been preparing for introducing their offering in several European countries. Working with Sentinels enables Digiteal to add features that such European expansion would require.

“We are excited to work with Digiteal. Their visionary approach to improving the transaction monitoring echoes in the way they approach compliance. Both companies view AI as a means that improves and accelerates human decision making which is crucial in efficiently dealing with the extremely high number of electronic financial transactions that Digiteal enables. On a company level we share the values of trust and transparency towards our employees, customers and investors”, says Joost van Houten, Managing Director of Slimmer AI’s Sentinels.

About Slimmer AI

Slimmer AI has a rich history in making the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible in the daily work of people-driven companies. Together with their team of 30+ AI software developers, Slimmer AI’s Sentinels combines a best-in-class user-centric design with cutting-edge AI techniques to fight financial crimes. For more information.

About Digiteal

Founded by visionary fintech leader Cédric Nève in 2014, Digiteal is an innovator in the field of electronic invoicing and payments, with an open platform dedicated to those who want to manage all actions related to invoicing from one place. Digiteal is based in Belgium and certified by the NBB. For more information

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