January 18, 2023 1 minute read

A New Sentinels in 2023


It's a new year and a new day for the Sentinels platform. We take a look at how things have changed.

Sentinels has come a long way since launching in 2019, constantly dedicated to solving a ubiquitous problem in the anti-money laundering (AML) compliance space: transaction monitoring. That dedication was invigorated by Sentinels’ acquisition by Fenergo in April 2022 the global leading provider of Customer Lifecycle Management technology solutions for financial institutions. The acquisition is already resulting in significant changes in the AML products we deliver to our clients.  

Increased Performance from Sentinels 

When we announced the acquisition, we promised to continue creating a solution that provides clients with continuously up to date view of the risks and opportunities of end-users. Today sees the release of the latest updates to the Sentinels platform, our SaaS solution for providing transaction monitoring for businesses in regulated spaces. Using this product means regulated businesses can support their compliance program with Sentinels.  

We’re proud of our teams that have worked relentlessly to deliver this upgrade to the Sentinels platform. Thanks to joining hands with Fenergo we have been able to scale rapidly, increase our global footprint, and better serve client compliance needs. Sentinels is a scalable and high-performance cloud-based solution with multiple secure and standardized APIs that are data-agnostic to handle the data fields important to individual clients. 

This approach to technical architecture allows for a better service and overall experience. Clients will receive product updates and rollouts without suffering from disruption to compliance operations. It also allows for business rules to be created, tested, and run in real-time without having to worry about making any impact on the running of existing business rules.  

And thanks to the real-time detection ability of Sentinels, clients receive immediate feedback on customer activity in the form of analysis of transaction activity. With the right business rules in place, Sentinels provides a library of rules that can be used from launch, businesses can block suspicious transactions from ever taking place and protect themselves from further risk.  

Thanks to the hard work of our development team, Sentinels is futureproofing compliance activity by creating a technical environment that allows for AI and machine learning algorithms to further reduce risk. These capabilities are vital for the future of compliance and our commitment to the fight against financial crime is stronger than ever. 

New Year, New Look 

Part of our journey since the acquisition has been to align Sentinels more strongly with the Fenergo brand. That’s why we’ve launched our new website and our new branding, you may have noticed a soft-launch of the new style with our ebook on AML case studies that was released in December 2022. 

Getting closer to Fenergo

But today we’re fully live with a new look and feel, plus a new logo to more fully align with the Fenergo family. Our relationship with Fenergo is strengthening as our teams work together and we continue to learn from each other daily.  

We knew from the beginning that Sentinels and Fenergo were a perfect match, not just from a technical standpoint that allows us to offer a fully compliant end-to-end AML journey. But because as businesses we are all fully committed to the fight against financial crime. Our cultures are closely aligned and that becomes clearer and clearer as time goes on.  

Sentinels continues to deliver the compliance software that companies need to not only reduce exposure to regulatory hardship but also map out financial crime networks so they can see the proceeds of crime attempting to touch their business before it even happens. Using Sentinels, businesses can reduce their involvement with illicit money and focus on delivering better services and experiences to their customers. 

We’re at the starting line of the fight against financial crime using modern technology and machine learning. Which makes now such an exciting time to be developing these solutions and committing to making the world a place where financial criminals are not allowed to exploit the global financial system freely.  

At the end of 2022 we saw a flurry of fines from regulators across the world targeting financial institutions, crypto exchanges, and other more niche financial businesses. Now that we’re at the beginning of 2023 it’s time to take compliance more seriously than ever and protect your business from the consequences of financial crime.