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The Real Price of AML Compliance

AML compliance is characterised by heavy inefficiency. How can innovation help?

The real price of AML compliance - cover page

Most financial institutions require ineffective manual and recurring effort to achieve an up-to-date understanding of their clients. This massively affects the quality of compliance efforts and as a result, money laundering detection.

Both regulators and financial institutions turn to innovation to decrease the costs of AML compliance, but how can this be achieved?

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How ineffective AML compliance leads to high costs (case studies)
  • Why smaller institutions are most at risk
  • AML priorities for 2021/2022
  • How AI can play a big role in improving AML compliance

“I remain very strongly convinced that AI is the single most transformative technology of our time, and will continue to shape our lives, our work and our future. Discussions about its limitations and appropriate implementation are essential for realizing AI’s true potential.”

- Joost van Houten, CEO of Sentinels and author of "The real price of AML compliance"

The real price of AML compliance - cover page

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