Purpose-built screening for payment processors

Examine transactions in real-time. Payment processors can intercept suspicious transactions of all types from real-time gross settlement systems with real-time transaction monitoring that acts as quickly as your customers do.  

The transaction monitoring solution for payment processors

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Rich client profiles

See your customer like never before

Sentinels provides payment processors with rich client profiles that show you information on your clients beyond their experience with one business. See all their transactions with every business in one place.

Event driven reviews in real-time

Event-driven reviews

Trigger a review at any point during the investigation flow with event-driven reviews. When an unusual transaction is detected or there's a risk-profile change, a review can be requested with all information tracked within Sentinels and give payment processors an immediate alert to risk thresholds. 

Reduce false positives with AI

Identify signal in the noise

Your teams are too busy to waste time on false alarms. Sentinels use unsupervised machine learning models to reduce false positives and increase your team’s performance before they start investigating. 

Enjoy a better AML experience

Easy integration
Immutable audit trails
Rich client profiles
No-code rules editing
Instant SAR capabilities
Real-time monitoring
Over 150 transaction monitoring rules
Rules engine with machine learning
Cross-institutional data sharing

Sentinels has vastly improved our risk management. They feel like an extension of our team.

Rick Calis 
CEO, Mollie

Boosting online payment processor security

Mollie is a pioneer in online payments and well known in the fintech industry. They are one of the fastest-growing payment service providers in Europe, so they partnered with Sentinels to meet regulatory needs and improve their risk management. 

Discover our solutions

Provide your compliance team with all the information they need to close out cases at speed  
Insightful transaction monitoring rules with machine learning that understands your threat profile.  
Locate sanctioned entities, identify Politically PEPs, and remove RCAs using Sentinels.   

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